At Joe’s Auto Glass, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional window film services for both vehicles and homes. With the use of premium films like LLumar®, we not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of your car and home but also provide a multitude of benefits.

We offer a life time warranty on all our films. That means no fading, no peeling and most important, no bubbles.

Benefits of Residential Window Films

Residential window film is an economical upgrade for glass when you want to reduce energy bills and enhance comfort, all without blocking your views. Our solar and energy control film for homes is less expensive than window replacement, but still able to deliver significant benefits. With LLumar® window film you can reduce hot spots, view TV screens more easily, block 99% of the harmful UV rays that contribute to fading in home interiors, and more.


Energy Efficiency

Windows play a significant role in regulating heat and energy in your home. According to the EPA Energy Star Buildings Manual in the United States, approximately one-third of an average home’s utility bills are due to heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, through windows that aren’t efficient. When chosen carefully and installed correctly, residential window film can help improve energy efficiency, lower energy use and save money.

Consistent Comfort

LLumar® residential window tinting lets you throw open your blinds, shades or drapes and enjoy natural light, no matter the season or time of day. Our film helps control the sun’s heat to keep temperatures more consistent in every room of your home, so you can reclaim areas you once avoided. It also reduces glare, so it’s easier to watch TV or work on a computer. LLumar® residential window tinting is available in a variety of clear, light, and subtle shades so you’ll be able to enjoy outdoor views too.

UV Protection

By blocking more than 99% of all UV rays, our residential solar film offers protection for the people and things you love. It carries The Skin Cancer Seal of Recommendation, awarded to products like sunscreen that protect against skin cancer. Our solar film also helps preserve the color of fabrics, carpets, flooring, antiques, and artwork. Skin and home furnishings are frequently damaged by sunlight, and it’s surprising how fast UV rays can leave their mark. For these reasons, every solar control film from LLumar® has UV protection made to last.

Style and Privacy

LLumar® offers a variety of residential window film so you can find a style that’s right for you. Keep glass looking as close to the same as possible with nearly clear or neutral film, so your improved solar control is a secret. Choose reflective or tinted film to add more privacy and a modern touch of curb appeal. Reflective film is especially good at masking windowsill clutter and protecting interior views from daytime prying eyes.
de to last.

Affordable Alternative

You can upgrade the performance of your widows without replacing them. Energy-saving solar window film is an affordable alternative that’s just as easy to clean as your current windows. Consider adding film if your home has older windows that are in good shape but not as energy-efficient as you’d like. Professional window film installation is quick, less disruptive to your life, and a fraction of the cost of buying all-new windows. Before you spend thousands of dollars on window replacement, contact a us.

reflective wINDOW Film

Made with powerful technology designed to tame the sun:

  • Create privacy.
  • Take care of uncomfortable hot spots in sunny areas of your home.
  • Block more than 99% of the UV rays that can fade your furnishings

DUAL-reflective wINDOW Film

Dual-reflective window film helps answers a complaint that many homeowners have about reflective window film: it looks like a mirror from the inside at night. Dual-reflective film’s combination of two solar control technologies can help with this problem. The technology facing inside has a subtle, more neutral look that typically won’t make your windows seem mirrored. The technology facing outside is reflective, so you can see through it but people on the street see only reflections.


Neutral Window Film

Neutral window film for homes adds only a whisper of tint to preserve the current look of your windows and the beautiful, natural quality of sunlight. While not easy to see, this film still packs a powerful punch when it comes to shielding your home’s interior. It blocks more than 99% of fade-causing UV rays to help extend the life of your finishes, furnishings, flooring, and artwork.


After installation of our neutral window film, you may also notice that rooms feel cooler and irritating glare on electronic screens is reduced. Plus, the beautiful views outside your windows are just as clear and true as ever. Neutral home window film is an understated look you’ll be happy living with for years. We ensure this by backing it with our lifetime limited warranty.

Specialty Window film

Specialty window film is a virtually invisible solar control product for your home windows. It’s made with nano-ceramic technology for excellent heat rejection with optically clear views. Specialty window film adds performance improvement for residential glass without a hint of darkening tint. Your neighbors will never know it’s there.


Once you have this specialty film installed in your home, you’ll be able to reclaim areas that were once uncomfortable hot spots. You can also rest assured, with more than 99% protection from the UV rays that damage furnishings, hardwood floors and artwork.

Whether you’re choosing LLumar specialty window film for personal reasons, to satisfy association rules, or for historic preservation, you’ll be happy with the way it does and doesn’t transform your home.


Vista™ Ceramic window film is a smart home improvement that stealthily improves indoor comfort. With the same low reflectivity as glass, it has a neutral look and maintains the natural glow of light coming through. This film also tames heat so you can reclaim even the sunniest spots, helps protect furnishings from 99% of fade-causing UV rays, and fights glare so it’s easy to see any electronic screen, anywhere. One of the other perks of Vista Ceramic window film is that it helps with energy savings, but costs considerably less than window replacement.


harmony window film

Vista™ Harmony intelligently marries sophisticated sun control features with the ability to maintain clear, wide-open views. Harmony also enhances indoor comfort in multiple ways:

  • Makes hot spots virtually disappear.
  • Soothes eyes with glare reduction.
  • Blocks more than 99% of the damaging UV rays that fade hardwood floors, home furnishings and artwork.

You’ll be happy living with Harmony for a long time. It helps keep your home looking and feeling great, and comes in an attractive range of subtle, optically clear tones. Contact us for details.


Harmony’s Energy-Saving Technology

Harmony’s construction and materials work together to reduce your home energy use and the amount of your warm-weather bills. By helping to keep indoor temperatures more stable, Harmony technology reduces load on cooling systems, so they run less and use less energy.

Spectrally Selective Window Film

Lets Sunlight In and Keeps Heat Out.

Spectrally selective window film significantly improves the performance of the glass in your home, without the mess and expense of full window replacement. Known for excellent heat protection, energy savings and a natural look that lets in loads of light, spectrally selective film is an ideal choice for homeowners wanting good performance that can barely be seen.

LLumar® spectrally selective film comes in a range of shades from nearly clear to a subtle hint of neutral gray. Make your choice and expect multiple solar control benefits:

  • Ability to block more than 99% of skin- and interior-damaging UV rays.
  • Eye-comforting glare reduction.
  • Powerful heat control to help give your air conditioner a break.

Technology that Targets the Sun’s Hottest Rays 

Like spectrally selective window glass or glazing, spectrally selective film uses innovative technology to tame the sun’s heat. This technology targets the sun’s infrared rays to help cool hot spots, while letting in as much glowing sunlight as possible.

Vista Low-e window film

Solar window films, especially the low-e variety, are a smart upgrade for homes in any climate. They help keep heat outside on warm days and help hold it inside on cold days. This stabilizes temperature to improve comfort, reduces heating and cooling system demands, and lowers energy bills as well.

LLumar® Vista™ low-e window tint for homes is nice to have for other reasons too. These films offer glare reduction for easy screen viewing, and the power to block more than 99% of damaging UV rays, all while still allowing the sun to light up every room.



Low-e Technology for Energy Savings

Low-e film has advanced solar technology and a well-placed metallized layer so it’s both insulating and heat-reflective. This is how Vista low-e intelligently responds to temperature changes year-round. It costs much less than window replacement and delivers great benefits without the construction hassles.


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